MyNurse Home Care Services -- Greater Houston Area

MyNurse Home Care offers Physician Led Specialized Teaching Programs to prevent hospital readmissions with a mission to increase quality of life for our patients.

Skilled Nursing

MyNurse Home Care has a team of highly qualified RN's and LPN's who work in conjunction with other members of the healthcare team to provide the best care in the home setting.

Nursing services in the home may include the following:

  • Skilled Education on Disease Process
  • Heart Failure Management
  • Diabetic Management
  • Wound Care
  • Psychiatric Nursing

Each patient is case managed by a registered nurse (RN). All nursing services are ordered by a physician.

Physical Therapy

Whether a patient needs to regain the use of a knee after orthopedic surgery or learn to walk again after a stroke, our physical therapists have the expertise to get the patient back to the highest quality of life possible.

Using a proactive, team approach to treat and prevent injuries and disabilities in patients of all ages, we develop a personal, one-on-one treatment plan. Treatment is geared toward relieving pain and discomfort, regaining movement, restoring function, rebuilding strength and stability, and enabling patients to adapt to permanent physical changes.

Our physical therapists and assistants are highly skilled. Our program is always dedicated to improving a patient's endurance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and ambulation quality, as well as preventing further injury.

We address the overall fitness and health of every patient and assist in overcoming both physical and emotional barriers that may hinder recovery.

Speech Therapy

Our speech pathologists treat patients with speech, language, swallowing, voice, or fluency disorders that may result from brain injury or deterioration, stroke, hearing loss, mental retardation, voice pathology, cleft palate, or emotional problems.
Our program is directed toward people who cannot produce speech sounds or cannot produce them clearly; those with rhythm and fluency problems such as stuttering; people with voice disorders such as inappropriate pitch or harsh voice; those with problems understanding or producing language; those with cognitive communication impairments; and those with swallowing difficulties.

Every treatment plan is individually tailored for the patient's specific needs. Treatment may include counseling for both patients and families, helping them to cope with the stress that frequently accompanies communication disorders.

Occupational Therapy

Events such as stroke, arthritis, degenerative neurological disease, fractures, and nerve injuries can impair a patient mentally, physically, developmentally, emotionally, or socially, and can result in major disruptions in daily life.

Our skilled occupational therapists help patients regain and build the skills needed to perform day-to-day activities and to achieve independence in all areas of life. Treatment can focus on development of strength, coordination, cognitive performance, or visual perception - or some combination of those factors - to enable a patient to achieve maximum function.

Our occupational therapy program is designed to improve basic motor and sensory functions, but also to improve reasoning abilities and to compensate for permanent loss of function. In addition, we consult with and advise family members and caregivers.

Home Care Aides

MyNurse Home Care has a strong team of Medical Social Workers specifically trained to deal with the social and economic issues that people face in the home setting.

Our home care aides are placed in the home environment to assist with personal care, bathing and dressing when the patient is too weak to provide for themselves. Our team is trained to understand and meet the needs of home care and hospice patients.

Personal Care

Our trained caregivers assist and supervise your loved one with “Activities of Daily Living” (ADL) while also providing support and general care in other areas such as the ones listed below:
• Rewarding Companionship
• Hygiene Assistance - Bathing/Showering
• Assisting with ambulation
• Preventing Falls
• Assistance in Dressing
• Medication Reminders
• Light Meal Preparation
• Light Housekeeping and Laundry, Making Bed
• Errands, Shopping, Walks,Transportation
• MD Appointments
• Compassionate Caregivers/Sitters