MyNurse Home Care -- Physical Therapy

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Whether a patient needs to regain the use of a knee after orthopedic surgery or learn to walk again after a stroke, our physical therapists have the expertise to get the patient back to the highest quality of life possible.

Using a proactive, team approach to treat and prevent injuries and disabilities in patients of all ages, we develop a personal, one-on-one treatment plan. Treatment is geared toward relieving pain and discomfort, regaining movement, restoring function, rebuilding strength and stability, and enabling patients to adapt to permanent physical changes.

Our physical therapists and assistants are highly skilled. Our program is always dedicated to improving a patient's endurance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and ambulation quality, as well as preventing further injury.

We address the overall fitness and health of every patient and assist in overcoming both physical and emotional barriers that may hinder recovery.